PCO Car Hire


  • How does PCO Car Hire work?
  • Rent a Uber­ approved PCO car from just £165/pw. Minimum rental is 4 weeks and you can return the car with one week’s notice if you need a break. All the servicing is free and there are no hidden charges even for breaks or tyres.
  • Are all of your cars Uber compatible?
  • Yes. Every Otto car is Uber approved. In fact, we are London’s fastest-growing PCO fleet.


  • What is the deposit?
  • We only ask for a £250 deposit, this is a refundable deposit.
  • What is the minimum rental contract?
  • 4 weeks. After that, you can return the car with one week's at any point.
  • What type of payment methods do you accept?
  • We accept card. Direct debit is not accepted and we don't accept American Express or Diners Card


  • Can Otto Provide me with PCO insurance?
  • Yes! Otto Car can provide PCO insurance for you and sort out the paperwork on your behalf.
  • Can I rent without insurance?
  • Yes, provided that you can prove that you already have suitable PCO insurance.
  • What is the insurance excess?
  • There is up to a £1000 insurance excess for fault and split liability claims. Non-fault claims doesn't require an excess.


  • What happens if I have an accident or need roadside assistance?
  • Call our insurance company to report an accident immediately (see Otto sticker in vehicle)

    Please refer to the accident report form in the 'Otto Welcome Pack'
  • In the event of an incident, how can Taxi Witness CCTV help me
  • Taxi witness is there for your protection and to give you peace of mind, however please don’t rely on this and remember to always take down third party details and double check third party registration

    Please refer to the accident report form in the 'Otto Welcome Pack'


  • What's included in the free servicing plan?
  • Every PCO car is serviced at 10,000 miles (unless stated otherwise). Your service includes; oil change, oil filter, air filter & pollen filter. Our servicing department even books you, saving you time and effort.
  • Do I need to pay for servicing charges such as new brakes or tyres?
  • No. All maintenance and Otto Recovery Service is included in your rental cost. There are no hidden extras
  • What's the driving assessment?
  • The assessment part of the sign up process for both our PCO Car Hire and Rent 2 Buy scheme.

    In the event that a drivers standards are below what we perceive to be acceptable, you may be asked to come back at the discretion of the driving assessor.

    Many drivers benefit from this assessment to improve on their driving performance and come back for further lessons later down the line!

  • Is there a mileage restriction?
  • Yes, there is a fair usage policy of 800 miles per week. If you exceed this, you can be liable for a charge of 25p per mile
  • Does the car come with a PHV licence?
  • Absolutely, your new car will be licensed and ready to use

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