Rent 2 Buy full time drivers

What is RENT-2-BUY?

  • Become an Owner Driver
  • For experienced PCO drivers, this is the easy way to be an owner driver. You can own a new or used Uber approved car from just £159/pw including free servicing and pco insurance.

    We also take the hassle out of the job by including MOT, road tax and the PHV licence for the car in the weekly price

    There is no credit check and the scheme includes a 4 week holiday break and all the vehicles come with our CCTV camera system.

  • Will I own the car at the end of the payment plan?
  • YES, all the log-book details and information will be transferred into your name.


  • Down Payment
  • All of our standard PCO cars require just a simple £500 Down Payment.
  • Does my weekly rental price include servicing and insurance?
  • Absolutely, servicing and pco insurance is included free of charge in your plan. This includes nine free services up to 100,000 miles.
  • What's not included in the payment plan?
  • Wear and tear items such as tyres and brakes are not included and will be your responsibility to replace.
  • Is there any end of contract charges?
  • Once your payments are completed, there is £200 admin fee to change the log book into your name at the end.
  • Payment Plan
  • All pricing includes Free Insurance and Servicing

    per wk
    Toyota Prius
    Hybrid Active
    NEW £250 3 Year
    Toyota Auris
    Touring Sports
    NEW £230 3 Year
    Toyota Prius
    Plus Icon
    NEW £270 3 Year
    2015 Toyota
    Prius T3
    USED £220 18 Month
    Kia Niro
    2 Hybrid
    NEW £230 3 Year
    Alhambra SE
    £250 2 Years


  • Credit Check: what if I have a 'bad' credit-score?
  • Rarely a problem. Otto is more interested in your present than your past. So long as you can show that you have been working for Uber for at least one month then that is usually fine
  • Minimum Age
  • 25 is the minimum age for our standard PCO cars.
  • Minimum Experience: What is required?
  • Must have 3 month PCO experience - Must have 3 months PCO experience
    - Live in London for 1 year
    - Must currently live in London
    - Good level of English
  • What if I have points on my licence?
  • Normally we can accept up to 6 points on your licence, however certain convictions such as IN10's cannot be accepted onto our scheme.
  • Do I have to work with Uber to rent from Otto Car?
  • NO, you’re more than welcome to use other companies with our cars.

Contract for Rent-2-Buy

  • Who is my contract with?
  • Your Rent-2-Buy and insurance contract is with Otto Car Limited

  • What if I want to cancel my Rent-2-Buy contract?
  • Not a problem. After 3 months you can cancel with 4 weeks notice, but you do lose all your rental payments up to that point as long as you mileage doesn’t exceed 800 miles per week up to the date of cancellation. If it does exceed 800 miles you may be liable for any excessive mileage charges. There is also a £200 cancellation fee at if you decide to cancel before the contract finishes.
  • What happens if I wish to cancel the Rent-2-Buy Contract and had a fault accident?
  • If you had a fault accident whilst on the Rent-2-Buy Contract then you will still be liable for the insurance premium.


  • How do the insurance costs work?
  • It’s free and included in your Rent 2 Buy plan. We have made it simple, so there is only one price to pay per week.

  • What is PCO insurance?                 
  • You are covered on our fleet insurance for third party claims and the cost of the car. Your liability is limited to £500 for any fault accident and we cover the rest.

mileage section

  • What is ‘Delivery Mileage’?
  • Delivery mileage is the mileage on the clock from the dealership to the Transport for London licensing facility and then to our garage where you collect your new car. This is usually 30-40 miles
  • Is there a mileage restriction?
  • YES, there is a fair usage policy of 800 miles per week. If you exceed this, you will be charged on a monthly basis but you’re contract length will be shortened meaning you own the car quicker! You’ll never pay more than the agreed price set out in the contract.
  • Excess Mileage Charges
  • Mileage Cap 40,000 miles/year = 800 miles/wk

    EXCESS MILEAGE COSTS PER WEEK over the above cap

    £0.20p per mile

Penalty Charge Notices (PCN's)

  • How does Otto Car transfer liability to the PCO driver?
  • As the log book of the PCO car is in our name, the PCN will come to us first. We'll then transfer the PCN into the PCO drivers name who can then decide to pay or appeal it.
  • Is there a administration charge for PCN's?
  • Due to the amount of time and effort it takes to transfer liability, there is a small charge of £10. This is significantly lower than most of our competitors.


  • What's included in the free servicing plan?
  • Every PCO car is serviced at 10,000 miles (unless stated otherwise). Your service includes; oil change, oil filter, air filter & pollen filter. Our servicing department even books you, saving you time and effort.
  • Does the car come with a PHV licence?
  • Absolutely, your new car will be licensed and ready to use
  • Can I take my Rent 2 Buy car abroad?
  • Unfortunately not. The car is not insured to travel outside the UK and therefore must not travel abroad at any time during the contract.
  • What's the driving assessment?
  • The assessment part of the sign up process for both our PCO Car Hire and Rent 2 Buy scheme. In the event that a drivers standards are below what we perceive to be acceptable, we don’t fail anyone, instead we advise on what can be improved and ask them to come back at a later date.

    Many drivers benefit from this assessment to improve on their driving performance and come back for further lessons later down the line!
  • Can I change the colour of my car?
  • Depending on the car, we have black, silver and white
  • Leatherette Interior
  • Leatherette seats are fitted in all our PCO cars FREE of charge! Please enquire about this during the order process.
  • 4 Week Holiday Payment Break
  • Through our Rent-2-Buy scheme you are eligible for up to 4 weeks holiday payment break through the year. The breaks can be up to two weeks in a row and there must be a minimum of 3 months between taking further holiday breaks.

    Minimum waiting period of 6 months before you can claim your first holiday break. Your Rent-2-Buy contract will be extended by the amount of weeks you take off e.g. taking 12 weeks off over 3 years = 12 weeks extension of your contract.

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